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Learning through the body

The stills below are an attempt to capture the feelings of a moment in time. It is a story that comes from the wisdom of the body. The expression of an emotional state without words. I started to express myself more through the body after a workshop Heart IQ at in New Eden, a beautiful place in the North of the Netherlands. Here they use the term ‘The art of Physicalization’. Getting on the Mat means to move the your energy, embody it, while being witnessed by others. 

Today new inspiration naturally flows into my life from teachings, such as Butoh, Medicine Movement and Voice Liberation. Beautiful teachings as an enrichment of  what I am discovering in an organic way. The titel of the blog refers to the exhibition of Yael Davids at the Van Abbe Museum last summer. I am fascinated by her research trajectory which is about Somatic Learning. 

The frustration in my path towards video editing led me to making print-screens. In this moment, the look-a-like stills, are the perfect way to share my creative with proces others. Noah, a creative friend, gave the following words to the serie; “It beautifully leaves a sense of  stuckness, hopelessness and tragedy. And at the same time such a great openness and desire for something new.” 

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