Forest bathing

Sandy dunes, Soest

As the mornings became lighter, a sense of joy to explore the early morning naturally came alive. Being welcomed by an orchestra of birds is such a celebration of the start of the day. A deep gratitude arises from within when I walk straight from home into the forest.

I recently discovered the Japanese term Shinrin-Yoku, it means to ‘take the forest atmosphere with all the senses’. I recognised myself doing this by intuition, in morning silence and stillness I open myself fully to all what is around me. Without a plan I follow my body intuition to move around, I touch plants, I smell or make sounds. Usually it gives a deep felling of calm, joy or inspiration. To me it means starting the day with fulfillment in alignment with the rhythms of nature and myself.   

During my morning forest bath I often meet a deer, every time I feel such a magic to feel the beauty and softness of this animal, she reminds me of the 22st Gene Key of Graciousness. 


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