Forest bathing

Forest bathing Sandy dunes, Soest As the mornings became lighter, a sense of joy to explore the early morning naturally came alive. Being welcomed by an orchestra of birds is such a celebration of the start of the day. A deep gratitude arises from within when I walk straight from home into the forest. I […]

Nature Dancing

Natural Movement Creative act in Nature  When I move with the elements, I experience immense aliveness, pure joy and love for myself and my surroundings. Being one, merge and surrender. A deep longing that slowly came alive in 2020. The first time was in Bergen (NH) when we just left Amsterdam.  In nature I found a new […]

Sand drawing

Sand drawing Lange duinen, Soest The feeling of dancing with the universe gives me the feeling of oneness, flow and trust. The sandy duines are a great place to reload myself, a place where I can come back to zero. Here I can express myself in a large space and something unexpected can happen. In […]

Samen bijdragen?

Stuur mij een bericht en ik reageer zodra ik hier rust en ruimte voor kan maken.